Group Honors

Group Honors

It is the aim of Kamy China to design, manufacture and service our equipment with quality and reliability that exceeds our customer's expectations.

Therefore we have established a quality management system that involves all of our employees and we are constantly working to improve our products, our workforce and our quality assurance process.

KAMY holds the following patents:

  • Patent Number: zl 2014 2 0534071.5: Roadheader Use Dual Shunt Power And Planetary Gear System To Reduce Speed
  • Patent Number: zl 2014 2 0476934.8: Roadheader With Saw Blade Cutter And Crusher Combination
  • Patent Number: zl 2014 2 0476944.1: Horizontal Shaft Excavator Internal Spray Mechanis
  • Patent Number: zl 2010 2 0279754.2: One Kind Of Cutting Gear For Mining
  • Patent Number: zl 2007 2 0066576.3: A Cantilevered Tunneling Machine With Split-cutting Arm Type
  • Patent Number: zl 2014 2 0479402.X: Composite Metal Wear-resistant Structure
  • Patent Number: zl 2015 2 0567330.9: A Type Of Expansion Arm Floating Clamping Device
  • Patent Number: zl 2015 2 0567031.5: A Mine Scraper Conveyor
  • Patent Number: zl 2004 1 0016845.6: The Production Method Of Cutting Teeth Of Coal Mine


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