Prior-sales Customer Support

Kamy tries to understand the project details, site situations and other constraints from customers and we  spare no effort in helping you to select the right equipment and realize the optimal value of the equipment you purchase. If required, our engineers and your engineers can meet and have discussions, visit the site for survey.


Proper setup of a roadheader is key to maximizing productivity, power output and maintaining machine life. We are committed to helping you achieve complete success with your cutter head and the whole machine's commissioning, we will assist you with hydraulic setup. It is vital to follow our commissioning procedure to correctly adjust hydraulic flow to the attachment.

Parts Services

We stock a full array of spare parts including cutting bits, planet carrier, internal gear, hydro-cylinder, reducer, brake valve group, cutting head, gear shaft, walking speed reducer, spin valve, creeper tread, etc. Send us an email or give a call with spare part questions for roadheaders and other machines.

Repair/Modernization/Overhauling of Kamy's Equipments

Kamy company offers more than just repair of its equipment. Your machines can be refurbished and modernized according to changing operating or site conditions and will look and operate like brand new ones, complete with updated certifications and approvals. Repairs and upgrades of machines and components are covered by an individually agreed warranty.

Kamy company insists the principle of "Create value for our customers” to provide customers ideal solution plan. It has rigorous, scientific and efficient ISO quality management services process, so that it can create perfect kamy products.

Meet our Dedicated Team

The entire team of Engineers, Supervisors, Workers are all very dedicated to work and meet the deadline maintaining the quality of work. They work overtime whenever required.