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Guiyang Metro Line 1

In April 2017, Dalian Bao Road Construction and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd rented one EBZ260 roadheader from our company for the construction of roadway tunnel under Tianhe lake in Guiyang City. The roadway is mainly limestone rock, the width is 11 meters, the height is 8 meters, tunneling about 6 meters per day, mainly it replaced the shield machine.

The roadheader is in good condition and is being used. It is running very well and the footage of tunneling is stable.

  • Equipment model: EBZ260
  • Place: Guiyang Metro Line 1
  • start time: 2016/7/22
  • completion date: 2017/8/31
  • Company: Dalian Baolu Construction Co.,Ltd purchased our EBZ260 ROADHEADER.
  • Project type: Metro Cross-way tunnel
  • Workface: weathered dolomite, limestone, hardness of about F7
  • Dimensions of main tunnel: 11m wide, 9.5m height, length=850m
  • Two cross-ways: 6m wide, 8m height, length=60m
  • Two cross-ways: 6m wide, 8m height, length=60m footage achieved was 192cbm / day.